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This page is for paintings that have been sold, given as gifts, or are part of my personal gallery – some have messages only for their owner, and some have no messages as they were done before I started writing "Art Speak" messages. They are still here for your viewing pleasure and to give you an idea of what I have painted in the past. Enjoy!

The John D
Rhonda's Window

"The John D"


"Rhonda's Window"










"Night Bloom"

"Glowing Angel"

"Pink Lady"




"Serpentine Crossing"

"Snail Spiral"

"Bloody Rain"






"Deep in the Woods"

Bar San Miguel
Clouds Descending
The Sanctuary Door

"Bar San Miguel"

"Clouds Descending"

"The Sanctuary Door"

Kayaking In Glocester
Transparent Blossom

"Bubble Gum Spiral"

"Kayaking In Glocester"

"Transparent Blossom"




Elements Blending

"Elements Blending"






Angel by the Sea
The Chakras

"Angel by the Sea"


"The Chakras"




Chakra Tie-Dye
Chakra Mandala
Chakra Splash

"Chakra Tie-Dye"

"Chakra Mandala"

"Chakra Splash"




The Great Northwest
Girl Sitting Under a Tree
Here Comes Bobby

"The Great Northwest"

"Girl Sitting Under a Tree"

"Here Comes Bobby"




Spirit Children Entering the Forest
Temple Ruins Across the Nile

"Spirit Children
Entering the Forest"

"Temple Ruins
Across the Nile"


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