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Nancy Shewchuk, Painter


Nancy Shewchuk

I don't know how important my art history is to you, but I'll be brief and just say this. I took an interest in drawing and painting when I was very young. I took lessons in oil painting as a teenager and won first place in an art contest with my portrait of a horse. I was the vice-president of the art club at Woonsocket High School and loved art class! My greatest achievement as a teen was when my drawing of a Native American Indian was chosen to represent our sports teams, the Villa Novans, and was transferred onto the side of the brick building at Barry Field where they played their football and baseball games. Even today, every time I drive by that field I take a glance at that image on the brick wall of the building and think, "I did that."

I continued painting landscapes, florals, portraits, animals, whatever interested me. This was before the internet and social networks, so I wasn't considering selling my art via the internet. If people took interest with a painting and wanted to buy at fairs, I would sell my art that way. (I no longer choose to sit behind a table all day anywhere so…) I stopped taking lessons in oils but found a new medium that I grew quite fond of – pastels. I loved my classes and did sell them at fairs, but oils have remained my favorite medium.

In my 30's I found that I was more interested in writing than painting. I wrote poetry and song lyrics which you can find on my "A Lion Under the Sun" web site link below. At that time I also began my journey as a "truth seeker on the Spiritual path." I had and still have an open mind and enjoy reading inspirational books of all kinds and on various metaphysical subjects. Now it is time to tell you about my "Spirit Art" and the messages I write that accompany each of my paintings.

I have to apologize, this isn't brief at all!
Just a bit about my art as I practice now and what this web site is about and what it has to offer you.

I have been communicating in writing with Spirit for over 35 years. I can honestly say that it has been the most consistent practice in my life – it's something I have to do… it comes naturally to me to communicate with the Universe, and through connecting to Spirit, I receive messages and guidance to whatever question I may ask, even if it is to just ask if there is a message for me.

Through a writing session several years ago I was guided and advised to just paint COLOR… no thought of forms or things, just listen to my inner self, my soul, and let the brush and paint take charge! I call this form of painting, "Spirit Art." I've been creating Spirit Art ever since and have sold paintings from my web site and storefront.

"Spirit of the Lotus Blossom"

My fingers float across my keypad – I am conscious of the words coming through as my fingers type, but I do not sit and think before I start typing. I may correct punctuation but that's all. It all comes from my connection to the Spirit of my art.

If you have any questions or comments you may contact me by email or phone which you will find on my Contact page.

Thank you for your interest in "Oils by Nancy" – Enjoy!

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