"Spirit of the Lotus Blossom"

My creator who painted this image did so without looking at a real blossom... she used her inner sight and brush strokes left my image in the form of a lotus blossom her Spirit had seen within. The colors in the background complement me, floral corner image with streamers were painted because she was moved to paint them. The blue spiral may seem out of place but not to my creator. She had an experience that she was turning and whirling in a spiral and was left in a state of pure Bliss! And so she decided to incorporate the blue spiral in her creation as it had deep meaning to her.

This painting is a reminder that going with your inner stirrings always brings one truth, and following truth is reward from the most High Creator. You are looking at the essence of the Spirit held within this painting. Every painting has something to say, and I am no exception.

My view is not the same as your view. You are looking at my essence which is inside my energy field. I am looking at your energy field because I have no physical eyes so I see you with my sensitive energy. I feel different energies depending on who is near me or looking at me... much the same feeling as one gets when around someone with different energies as happy, sad, positive, negative, and so forth.

Learn to view everything as energy different than your own. Know that you don't have to be a human or an animal to feel or to see. Flowers don't have eyes, but they see and feel as a painting such as myself.

This is an important lesson learned.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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