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As mentioned on my Home Page, I was guided by Spirit to paint just "color" with no thought of painting forms or things, and these paintings are the result of painting by going with the flow, allowing my intuition to choose paint colors and allowing my brushes to move across the canvas as they please.

Just click on a painting that you are attracted to or that calls to you and you will receive its message that you may benefit from reading. Each painting will reveal its message so you will be able to read over 30 messages which will give you an idea what to expect, or not expect, should you want me to write a message from one of your own paintings or photographs. Read more about this service on my "Art Speak" page. Enjoy!

Click on an image to read the message.

Clown with a Blue Nose
Mexican Spiral

"Clown with a Blue Nose"

"Mexican Spiral"

Born of White Light
Clouds Under The Sun

"Born of White Light"

"Clouds Under the Sun"





Striking Spiral

"Striking Spiral"













Raining Flower Petals
Red Eye
Jungle Dream

"Raining Flower Petals"

"Red Eye"

"Jungle Dream"




"Energy Explosion"

"Birds Weaving"

"Ruffle-Edged Spiral"





"Burst of Lace"

"Clouds Under the Moon"





"Feather Wheel"

"Warm Madras"

"Spring Spiral"




"Raspberry Mint Swirl"

"The Orange Window"


~ Please Visit Again Soon As New Paintings Will Be Added Continually ~

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