"Birds Weaving"

Here we are, Birds Weaving, to and fro making you look where we are flying to. There is another reason why we are birds weaving, which is, you are not the artist, you are the viewer of the Spirit of birds weaving. There are several of us here and if you like to fly, you will like being in our company.

We are a reminder that freedom is to be able to fly from tree to tree and housetop to housetop. Can you fly? If you could you would know the freedom that God has intended for all. You can only fly with man-made contraptions. We are born into the Earth with built-in wings. Flying is how we get from one place to another. You travel in machines or on foot, which is what God made for you. Legs and feet. This is your normal way of travel. Do more of it and less of traveling by car, train, boat, and planes. Live closer to nature and simplicity. Walk where you can walk and only use other means of travel when it is impossible to get where you need to go by walking.

Freedom is available to you - like the painting that is, "Birds Weaving," you, too, are free to weave through the tapestry of life.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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