Landscapes & Street Scenes

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This page is devoted to paintings other than "Spirit Art."

The paintings here were done with thought of form or things – just opposite of how I paint my "Spirit Art."

I love nature and hope to add more art to this page. I also love street scenes – they make me happy to look at! Even though this isn't "Spirit Art," I have given these paintings a title and messages were communicated to me, as well. I'll have to make more time to paint in addition to writing messages for who may be interested in them. Go to the "Art Speak" page for details about how you can request messages for your art. Enjoy!

Persimmon Trees
Tree Of Light

"Persimmon Trees"

"Tree Of Light"


Matilija Poppy
Sunflower Power
October Pumpkin

"Matilija Poppy"

"Sunflower Power"

"October Pumpkin"

Above and Below
Vase On Red Scarf

"Above and Below"

"Vase on Red Scarf"


Window Geraniums
Miracle By The Sea
Stone Arch at Sunset

"Window Geraniums"

"Miracle By The Sea"

"Stone Arch at Sunset"


~ Please Visit Again Soon As New Paintings Will Be Added Continually ~

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