"Above and Below"

I am the image of The Willow Tree. I am proud of my roots, as you can see below the grassy mound I am growing on. Without strong roots what you see would be a weak little tree, but I am strong and healthy because my roots are strong.

So are your roots important to your life. Be proud of them, love them because without them you wouldn't be what you are today. The physical form, above, and the invisible form, below, are connected in a way that those with physical eyes cannot see. So remind yourself of the part of you that cannot be seen because it is what makes you the you that can be seen by the physical eyes. There is no separation.

A good foundation makes the difference in every aspect of your life. I am your daily reminder that you need to prepare the ground, plant your seeds, and wait for the roots to take hold and grow in their time. Then you will have fruit and flourish.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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