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"I believe every painting has something to say!"

This is why I decided to offer messages from your paintings. As I mentioned on my Home Page, I have been communicating with Spirit for over 35 years. If you have read some of the messages from my Spirit Art and Landscapes and Street Scenes paintings, you may have felt a common thread or maybe a sense that the messages are coming from the same place or that I am receiving them in a special way that is the kind of Spiritual communication that I am used to practicing.

All I need to offer you this service of receiving a message from the Spirit of your own personal piece of art is a picture of the art you would like to receive a message from and its title because I receive most of each message from the title. I never know what the messages will contain until I am actually typing,  I really don't know where the words are taking me. Don't expect a message from your paintings to be exactly about what is in the painting… the title may take Spirit in a different direction, which makes these messages so unique. Like that "box of chocolates" in Forrest Gump… you never know what you're going to get!

~ click on photo to read its message ~

"Spirits in Rainbow Mist"

If you would like to request this "Art Speak" service by me I will be happy to work on a message, or messages for you. I think people prefer to communicate via email so this is what I need from you.

Email your request for a message from the painting/art in mind and attach a photo with your email. Include the "title" of your artwork as it is needed to receive its message. Include your name and email address with your request.

 This service is $15 – I feel it is a fair charge for time spent and I will attach and email your message as soon as it is ready. You will be able to print it out for your specific use.

Please mail a check or MO for $15 payable to: Nancy Shewchuk, PO BOX 146, Pascoag, RI 02859

Thank you very much for your interest in "Art Speak!"

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