"Spirits in Rainbow Mist"

 My name is appropriate for my image as I seem to be full of Spirit beings!
Tall ones and short ones, and groups of them in the background. Tell me you see them, too?
They are colorful like a rainbow shows its Spirit colors. Energy from nature composes the colors
of the rainbow, and the same energy creates the auras of the Spirits seen in my image.

Take it from me, we are all matter and yet all Spirit which is unseen energy.
My creator, who is responsible for my image as a painting, felt the Spiritual flow of God's voice
telling her to use the colors shown here and to create me by using a different technique of painting
which was different than she uses normally.  This painting is her favorite and she is keeping it
to remind her that energy is all around us and comes to us in various ways.

Take time in life to see what most people never see... Spirit in action.
Look for unusual occurrences when outdoors in nature. It will enhance
your powerful intuition which guides you in all you do in life.
You avoid trouble because you are guided to prevent it from coming toward you.

"Spirits in Rainbow Mist" is your reminder to be aware that just beyond the Sun
are plenty of Spirits waiting to enter the mist that is their home. They are closer than you think...
spend time creating more paintings so we may live in the Spiritual essence within them.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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