"Miracle By The Sea"

There will come the time when there will be the sea before you. There you are feeling the presence of love surrounding you. There will you see things that are not usually found by the sea, like blooming flowers along a battered fence. Then you will ask yourself that question we all ask when the time is right, " Do miracles really happen?"

This painting is a reminder and the answer to your question. Yes, miracles happen all the time. When you least expect one, it will be the time for its arrival. Here is an example that the Universe has us all where we are supposed to be. Just live your life as fully as you are able and with right action and right living, all will be fulfilled in its proper time.

The sea against the sky and its surf beating on the other end of your view, atop a sand dune there will be The Master – you may not see Him but He is there watching over all in his never ending sight, and know that peace surrounds you and the flowers at the shore… time stands still and you know you are not alone.

Breathe deeply the salty sea air and feel the cool breeze as it kisses your cheek. Close your eyes for this is your moment. Peace floods your body, mind, and soul. You belong there… you are one with the Master, one with the ocean, one with the breeze, and you now smell the fragrance of roses beside you. You are in the company of angels. Get lost in their loving embrace – this is a moment we all seek because we know there is more than what we can see with our physical eyes.

When you are back home alone to reflect on this day, remember that a miracle is just around the corner awaiting the right time to appear. Be patient… it will come one day.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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