"Window Geraniums"

This is a story of happiness. This painting of a building and a window that holds a place for a pot of geraniums is nothing more than life and the joy of living a life that includes nature in its home.

Be part of nature by bringing flowers in to share their life with you making it their home as well as yours. Yellow is a happy color which makes this dwelling in the great southwest a happy place to live. Wherever you live, whether in the crowded city or a beautiful California mansion, there is something you both share. There is a common thread that connects your Spirit. You may be aware of what that might be or you may have to sit and ponder the thought. And then as you stare at the window and pot of geraniums, you will be reminded of a happy time. A quiet time in nature... and you are reminded not to forget to add nature to your indoor living space as the Spirit of both human and plant worlds unite, and harmony exists as one.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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