"Vase on Red Scarf"

Please say you like flowers. I know this is a very easy and familiar painting, yet there is no other just like it because it was created from one's mind. Funny how things begin with colored dots and end up with a small vase of flowers on a red scarf!  Never looking for the outcome when the painter started out but then the desire to paint white flowers came to her Spirit and then the green stems worked their way among the flowers. They couldn't hang in mid-air so she painted a vase. The vase had to sit on something so she painted a red scarf. Liking the soft background, her Spirit told her the painting was finished. This is how I came to be.

Maybe you, too, wonder about how you came to be, like this painting came to be. In not such different ways, actually. You were created by the mind of God, or Spirit, and the mind of the painter, also created by God, or Spirit, created "Vase on Red Scarf. The minds put their Spirit into action and both were born.

Red is the color of blood and though I, as a painting, have no physical chemistry like yours and have no blood, there is beauty and appreciation for art in your blood. I feel you are attracted to the color red against the softness of the background. You are drawn to contrasts. Maybe you are one who is a believer in "opposites attract." The combination of brilliance and softness, bold and gentle, appeal to you. Or maybe you have some "Gemini" in your horoscope where the Twins are tugging in opposite directions.  In any case, I am pleased you chose me to be yours. We are alike!

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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