"Clown with a Blue Nose"

It is suggested by my name that I am a clown and have a blue nose! However, my creator has seen that image in me but I am not a clown, I am a painting. My colors may look like colors worn by some clowns, and the blue spot in the center could look like a nose if you see a face that surrounds it.

Look at me and what do you see? Did you take me home because you liked the colors and the flow of the paint? Or did you take me home because I looked like a clown to you and you like clowns?

Maybe you see nothing in particular. You went with your feelings about me and liked me for what I am. A painting that caught your attention. Well, I am happy to adorn a place in your heart and home. That's all that matters. My name is just that, a name. You don't have to agree with the one who created me, that I look like a "Clown with a Blue Nose." Just like me for no reason at all, or like me just because I make you happy when your gaze falls upon me.

Laugh... laugh like clowns are supposed to make children and folks of all ages laugh. Enjoy life!

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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