"Feather Wheel"

My image is somewhat round and I have the appearance that I am made from feathers. Symbols sacred to different cultures. This we have in common, as you see in me the same diversity in thought that you inherited from Spirit. Belief is important, but being open-minded is considered a necessity in today's world.

Feathers are sacred in one culture, and the circle symbolizes the completion of all that is. You are that image of wholeness. Live simple, for the simple life is a gift. Learn to be content with what you are and hold your ground where your truth lies. For all one needs in life is to know one's self and remain true to the self. Living without wanting extravagance is what your nature feels at peace with. Nothing else is needed.

Generate your own "feather wheel" as your sacred center and connect with Earth living the good and simple life.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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