"Jungle Dream"

Believe in dreams and they will come true. I have a very special place in your life as you created a special space where I can be admired!

I am very special because I am a dream that changes from every angle and change from person to person... anyone who gazes at my jungle beauty!

I have been created and named "Jungle Dream" because my colors and forms ignited this in my creator's imagination. Let me share my adventure with you  - enjoy seeing faces of animals that live within my Spirit. The Spirit of the mighty jungle!

Let the Spirit of the animal kingdom come alive in your heart. I will be your reminder that animals walk the Earth just as you do. There is room for all of us, so thank you for your kindness toward all animals, large and small... wild and domestic. Life will be beautiful if all who walk the Earth can live in peace and harmony.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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