"Energy Explosion"

Brilliant am I. A mass of brilliant colors in this small space makes me seem chaotic! I can't help it. My painter and creator made me come alive and now you are the recipient of my energy. You must have a dull side to your personality if you seek to have me in your presence. Or, maybe you have chaotic energy like me!

It matters not as you will find me interesting nevertheless. You will see roads and paths mixed and interwoven as you sit and gaze at me in depth. I am not shallow. I have great depth even though my colors are vibrant.

I hold the message of boldness and with a burst of color you will become as bold to those who see you. Splash on more color in your physical presence in wardrobe and home furnishings. To you, bold shades are comforting. Your Spirit becomes happy and you are becoming your authentic self.

Learn this, my new friend. Seek and you shall find. Like attracts like now – rather than opposite attract. Not for this age… we are kindred Spirits. Hello, friend.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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