"Red Eye"

I am "Red Eye" and named because I am the work of my creator's imagination. Now I am yours to place where you think I will add to your space. Because I am the color of the "red" family, I am associated with the lowest energy system of the human body, but a most important energy system it is. Be aware of the energy systems in your body and strengthen those that need more light than others.

You may not have a red eye... that would be a good thing. You also may not be catching the red eye flight to another coast; still, it is my name for a reason. I gain attention of all who look at me. There is something special about you that gains the attention of many, especially when they are close to you. Look people right in their eyes when you speak to them... you have a magnetic energy field surrounding you and your energy is strong. People gravitate toward your energy that want to build up their own energy field. Make certain you don't allow others to deplete your source... walk away when you feel some are using you for what they can take from you.

I will be your constant companion and subtle reminder that you are strong. Look into my "Red Eye" and you will see that there is nothing you can't accomplish.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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