I am glowing light in the shade of the petals of a rose and surrounded by earth and sky shades of blue and green. There are no other paintings like me as I am the message of the rose within my Spirit.

There are many flowers that glow as I glow, but you are the beholder of the Spirit of the "roseglow" that holds a message of purity and love. Giving a rose to another shows that love is near. Sweet is the fragrance of roses and the one receiving them must seem as sweet as their fragrance. Nothing compares to the beauty of a rose, and I am your reminder that love is nearby and that someone needs to remember you by your glow you carry within.

Your energy is connected to the energy of "Roseglow." Feel the presence of beauty in your surroundings, or walk outdoors and see the blue sky and green grass beneath your feet. When you come upon a rose, stop and take a special glance as you walk by leaving it where it has grown. Bend down to smell its sweetness of life and be on your way as it has connected with your glow and an important energy exchange has been made.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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