"Born of White Light"

All colors come from the same source – at the edge of creation. The sum of all colors are equal to the color, white. I love white, especially in painting, as one can change a shade to a variety of different shades by the amount of white added to the color that was used.

I, too, am born of white light. Light is composed of all the colors combined... as are you. My creator suggests here that all the colors of the rainbow... and of the energy systems called chakras, are held within us all. And so here I am in your home... your personal space, to share the light that created us both.

"Born of White Light" will be a reminder for years to come that we are all connected by color... which is light... which is white and composed of all the colors you see in me. Color your life and you will surround yourself in Light, which is all we are.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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