You may see fireworks as you look at my image. An explosion of colors! Yes! The Sun has become excited at what he sees below and sets off little explosions from his heart. Such a burst of excitement is called a "Sunburst."

Every time you see me you are reminded that there is reason to be excited with your life... your self. When you are away from me and look at the sky, know that father Sun is excited to see you and happy to warm you. Smile at your very existence because you are alive and have reason to enjoy life. It is your birthright.

When you witness a fireworks display, think of them as Sun's magnificence. Appreciate all creation for there would be no life without Sun. Thank you for bringing me into your home. I know I am here as an example of the wonder of life. Enjoy all of the "sunbursts" yet to come into your life!

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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