Today I belong to the wind. Yesterday I was caressed by the sun. Tomorrow I may be kissed by the rain. Live for today for we know not when our blossom will be gone only to be remembered by the Creator or remembered by those who walked close enough to see our face.

Joy in living - precious indeed. Live each moment wanting nothing more than to fulfill your right to the life you were born to serve in whatever way you were destined to serve.

Let wildflowers be a reminder that beauty is in each face you see, whether human, animal, or flower. They differ, but each is as important as every other. No one is above another in God's eyes. But we all gather in the same breath of life until we no longer have enough oxygen to take another breath.

Peace will be yours among a garden of "wildflowers"... free and as beautiful as the rose.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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