"Raining Flower Petals"

Flowers are God's way of giving us beauty on Earth. In dreaming, it was "raining flower petals!" They covered the ground in a massive mound and it was an amazing sight to see. Like snowflakes falling every which way during a snowstorm, instead it was "raining flower petals!"

Life can be tumultuous at times… chaos everywhere, yet we wake up the next day and realize that the flowers have blossomed overnight and the sun is nurturing the new growth. So it is in our everyday lives. Take time to see the beauty raining down on you like the petals in the sunshine, even if your life seems to be chaotic, know that this time will soon pass and new growth will take its place.

Flower petals are symbolic, as we all know they are used to prepare the bride-to-be for a beautiful journey in her new married life as she walks down the aisle. Just the mix of numerous colors and shapes, flower petals remind us of nature's wondrous achievements. To see a flower bloom at its own pace, petals opening and growing each day… from a tiny seed to a large bulb, what occurs underground unseen by our physical eyes is miraculous.

Then the day comes when we notice one of the petals has fallen from the blossom. The next few days we sadden as the flower has lived its life and has wilted and has become the food for the earth below the place it was born. It has given way for others to follow in its place as there are more like it blooming and drinking in the sunshine and the rain.

This painting is your reminder that life is full of "raining flower petals" and not a dream at all. The cycle of life – a glorious journey regardless of the season. May miracles rain down on you like "raining flower petals" lifting you to new heights. When you find yourself walking in the rain, close your eyes and feel the soft petals of flowers brushing your face… and smile.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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