"Spring Spiral"

My colors are the pretty colors of Spring flowers. I am in the shape of a spinning spiral. A wheel of Spring beauty.

I feel that you chose me to have in your home because you are fond of pretty things. I will be an addition to the special place you have chosen for my existence.

When you look at me you are happy! You love to create beauty in your surroundings. Thank you for including me to be a small part of your lovely environment.

When you are happy others who come in contact with you become happy. You spread joy and are happy around your friends. You bring that happiness into your personal space, and so you like to keep pretty things around you that continue to make you happy.

Beauty is all around you and I am one way to offer beauty… you have a kind and beautiful heart. Enjoy continuous joy in all you see and experience. Continue to surround yourself with whatever makes your heart sing.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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